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Welcome to your Wikidot book project.

We designed this Wikidot application to help you write a book. By "book" we mean a long piece of writing designed to be read from start to finish, possibly broken into chapters and with a table of contents at the start and an index at the end.

Your book can remain online, or you can use this project as the basis for a printed book. You can easily bring other people into your project to help you edit, review, and correct the text. You can make your book public, or private. And this project also offers a ready-to-use forum that you can offer to readers, to discuss the book.

This application runs on, one of the world's largest wiki farms. To make this a private project, choose Admin/Manage site from the top menu and then set the site Access policy to Private. To invite others to collaborate, choose Admin/Manage and then invite members to your site.

When you have read and understood these instructions, you can edit this page to remove them.

Table of Contents


This section introduces the book to readers.

Table of Chapters

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Further Reading

This section provides links to other materials of probable interest to the reader.


This section lists the sources you used in writing your book.


This section lists references to specific articles or other books.


This section lists contributors (authors, editors, reviewers).

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